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The company 3RP.com.pl – systems for companies was founded in 1986, as the second limited liability company registered in Poland under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Usług i Consultingu PROTEBUD Sp. o.o

From 1998, the IT department was dissolved in the Company, initially dealing with WEB technologies. Since 2000, the Company has started operating in the area of ​​software for companies and is currently its leading industry in providing services.

However, we provide our clients with comprehensive IT services. Beginning with the support of users and service of terminals for network construction, administration of networks and servers, data security management. Thanks to such a wide range of services, the Company is able to take care of its clients comprehensively and clearly take responsibility for all elements of the system.


Our experience and knowledge – both in the field of company management processes and computer systems – predispose us to professional implementation of integrated systems to support management in companies.

We always try to find the best solution to your problem because we strive for personal mastery.
Caring for the development of our clients, we constantly develop our skills. We are constantly learning.
We carry out the tasks entrusted to us with passion.

Company vision: 3RP.com.pl – systems for companies operating on the market of IT services for companies, wants to build permanent relationships with their clients, ensuring them the highest quality of services.

We want the brand 3RP.com.pl – systems for companies to be well recognized among clients in the business sector as a company providing professional IT services.

The company tries to achieve this by:

  • quick response to customer needs
  • adjusting the service and product offer to the current market and customer requirements
  • constant professional development of the Company’s employees, raising their qualifications,
  • cooperation with trade partners renowned in Poland and worldwide.